Hiscox News

Hiscox is an international specialist insurer, catering for high net worth individuals and companies. Hiscox News is the company’s quarterly magazine, sent out to all its brokers to inform and enthuse them about Hiscox’s products.

To reflect its client base, the magazine has high production values and each issue has a bespoke photoshoot for its front cover and main feature.

For the Summer 2010 issue, I came up with the idea of placing the star of feature, the national sales manager for commercial schemes, on a life-size chess board to reflect the strategic expertise he and his team can offer to brokers.

Clever use of perspective by our photographer meant that he looks like he is genuinely the same size as the pieces on the chessboard.

To give the front cover image a further innovative spin, we made one of the pictured chess pieces an interactive image. This meant that readers with smart phones could be directed to bonus video content online.

CLIENT: Hiscox