KPMG cost-cutting guide

Everything you ever wanted to know about managing costs…to keep one step ahead of the competition is a light-hearted, 56-page guide produced on behalf of KPMG, which looks at how to best approach cost-cutting without resorting to knee-jerk decisions.

As editor, my role was to take the content areas outlined by the client – such as tax, outsourcing and dealing with suppliers – and introduce an overarching theme to tie them together.

As the readership of the guides spans many different business sectors, I chose the universal concept of a family – as the ways in which it manages its outgoings offers a good analogy for how a business manages its costs.

With this theme in mind, I wrote a large proportion of the content, including interviewing several KPMG partners for a series of profile articles, and commissioned specialist journalists for the more technical articles.

The family concept also enabled the designer and me to be playful with the imagery, so the articles in the guide are illustrated using amusing family situations.

These images are complemented by quirky factoids and features such as ‘When cost-cutting goes wrong.’